Beginning December 1, the "Sunday School" fund

will no longer be an online giving option.

Why is this changing?

In recent years, our Sunday morning ministry approach has transitioned from a Sunday School format to Waumba Land and UpStreet for children, and Life Groups for adults. In addition our Senior High Sunday School has shifted to a weeknight Bible study. Because of those changes, the expenses for the Sunday morning ministries have been included in the Operating Fund Budget and have been offset by gifts to the Sunday School Fund. Beginning January 1, 2017 however, the Sunday School Fund will be merged into the Operating Fund, which is CAC’s main giving fund. Please know that merging this fund is not a change to our ministry approach or ministry funding. Rather, we are simply making this change to ensure our giving options clearly reflect our current ministry strategy.

How does this change affect my giving?

  • "Sunday School” will no longer be an online giving option beginning Dec 1, 2016.
  • "Sunday School” will no longer be listed as a giving choice for 2017 offering envelopes.
  • Beginning January 1st, the Sunday School Fund will no longer be a giving choice.
  • If you give online using a scheduled recurring gift, your gift that is setup for “Sunday School” will be automatically credited to the Operating Fund. The next time you reset your recurring gift, “Sunday School” will not be a giving choice.
  • If you accidentally mark a 2017 gift as “Sunday School”, we will automatically credit it to the Operating Fund.
  • If your child gives to the Children’s Ministry offering on Sunday morning, we will continue to receive that gift. These gifts will be placed in the Operating Fund.